Backlash Black Angel , of  Elemental Fields



Started many years gone by with wooden weapons, switched to foam in the mid 2000's, and made the jump to Wandering Ronin in 2012. Aggressive, tenacious, and hates sluffers with a passion only matched by Mayhem, he is a deadly foe to encounter.

Roleplay Bio: Edit

The son of a human blacksmith father (Young Gun Black Angel) and a female Avial assassin, Backlash grew up with his older sister and father working for the Black Angel Mercenary Corpss. After successful military and pit-fighting circut careers, he joined the ranks of his father's unit and was partnered with Protege'. Considered the more balanced of the duo, Backlash struggles to keep Protege' focused on missions when the junior partner's want to fly into violent rages overcomes him. Conversely, on rare occasions their roles are reversed, and Protege' finds himself cleaning up Backlash's mess. He has a friendly rivalry with Bakore (which has become so much more fun for Backlash after he married Bakore's daughter Bobbi). Lightning fast with his short sword and shield, he is also a renowed polearm fighter.


Black Angel Mercenary Corps

Belted Family:Edit

1st Tiger Samurai of Wandering Ronin. Awarded by Raven Moonchilde, with ceremonial sword presented by his company commander and long time friend. the Black Angel.

Notable Accomplishments:Edit

Responsible for bringing a large number of fighters to Wandering Ronin by initiating the vote to switch games. Was a huge proponent and influence on the decision to switch, and provided Wandering Ronin with it's first established chapter, Elemental Fields.

Awards and Titles:Edit

1st Order of the Talon by DeMi January, 2013

2nd Order of the Talon by Zenadel April, 2013

3rd Order of the Talon by DeMi April 2013

1st Order of the Smith by DeMi January, 2103

2nd Order of the Smith by Brawn April, 2013

3rd Order of the Smith by DeMi Ampril, 2013

1st Order of the Stone by Zenadel April, 2013

Offices Held: Edit

Guardian of Elemental Fields

1st Chief of The Kanto

Chief of Asgard