The Bid DownEdit

In some situations, a Black Angel may find themselves either overpowering an enemy or being overrun by one. A Black Angel may attempt to resolve this issue without further loss of time and bloodshed by initiating the "Bid Down" challenge. (Note: a bid down never takes place when the Black Angel Mercenary Corps is hired.)

How Bid Down works:Edit

The Black Angel initiating this challenge must let his wishes be known without bloodshed. This usually means signaling (physically or verbally) that he wishes to negotiate with an enemy leader.  The enemy agrees, the two meet without their weapons and begin the bidding process. It will follow close to the hypothetical situation below when the Black Angel is in the winning posistion:

Black Angel: You have more men than I, but we have the good terrain, more armor, and still have an archer. This will drag on and be a wholesale slaughter of your men. Will you accept a bid-down to save your men from a senseless death?

Enemy Commander: I will accept the bid-down.

Black Angel: I bid down to two men, melee only, to the death. We win, you surrender and join our army. We lose, and your army leaves to fight another day.

Enemy Commander: Either way, I don't defeat you!

Black Angel: Agreed. I'm not offering you victory. I am offering you life. Or you can die in vain. Your call.

Enemy Commander: Fine. I bid no armor (knowing the Black Angels use armor heavily).

Black Angel: Agreed. I bid down to single combat (knowing he has a Black Angel that is skilled without armor).

Enemy Commander: Agreed. I bid down to no shields (hedgeing a bet on who his man will face).

Black Angel: Agreed. I bid down to a single long sword (knowing that the enemy prefers polearms and short swords).

Enemy Commander: Agreed. I bid down to single dagger (banking that the Black Angels have no qualified dagger fighters in the army facing him).

Black Angel: (knowing the enemy is right) Decline. Single long swords it is.

Then, combat would commence between two selected warrior using no armor and a single longsword, ending when one or the other dies. In the event of a simultaneous kill, combat between the two is reset until one dies and one lives. The terms of the bid-down are adhered to, and the battle is over.

NOTE: Agreement to the terms of a bid-down and then failing to honor those terms will result in that betrayer never being offered a bid-down again, nor any team he is on. Any Black Angel who is found to have broken the terms of a bid-down is stripped immediately of his title in the company.