This page is for all the players of Broken BiFrost to keep track of their credits. This page will be updated by Prime Ministers ONLY: any other attempt to alter this page will be tracked, changes removed, IP banned, and if necessary will be constituted as cheating under the Rulebook.

To create a player, type their character name with text Heading 4 and put in the class and credit amounts next to it. Look to the examples below. Admins will preriodically check the page and update any links that need to be added.

This information will be transferred to the permanent records log once that is added to the main website.


Barbarian: 66

Samurai: 29

Soldier: 13

Luceren CastEdit

Soldier: 50

Healer: 40

Archer: 12

Barbarian: 3

Ashigaru: 42

Cleric: 40

Samurai: 18