A decree may be issued by the Emperor or a Prince once every other month (usually favored towards even numbered months, but this is not a rule, just a suggestion). A decree is a doctrine to instruct various chapters of the Empire or Prefectures goals for the next two months, and suggestions on how to achieve them. These are also non-binding, but failure to adhere to these is an open invatation for a Declaration of War. A decree may include (but is not limited to) the following:

Goals (more role-play on the field, more garb, recruitment drives, etc)

Noting a specific chapter for excellance

Updating and maitaining the role-play status of the Empire/Prefecture

A role-play warning to a certain chapter/company/household about their activites (MUST BE ROLE-PLAY ONLY)

Any other suggestions to improve the status of the chapters that fall under the decree.