Durpe, of Broken BiFrostEdit



Durpe started larping in April of 2012 with Sleeping Samurai's Midwest Chapter and then Elemental Fields chapter of Amtgard in June of the same year. After the Ikko Ikki event, Durpe started training under ShadowMaster Black Angel to become a Black Angel. His mainly uses two swords but he is equally threatening with many other weapon styles.

Roleplay Bio: Edit

It is unknown how Durpe came to be or who he is as the earliest thing he can recall is being attacked by a band of what appeared to be gypsies. From that point on, Durpe has sworn to murder all gypsy kind because he tripped over a pebble once the band was slain. Over the years, Durpe has paid a heavy toll for his repeated raids against different gypsy caravans in the form of curses. However, such magical alignments have not kept him from becoming adept in weaponized combat. Currently, Durpe spends his days with the Black Angels, assisting them as needed.

Affiliations: Edit

Black Angel Mercenary Corps

Belted Family:Edit

Notable Accomplishments:Edit

Awards and Titles:Edit

1st Talon awarded by Zenadel

2nd Talon awarded by Zenadel

Offices Held: Edit

1st Councilor of Elemental Fields

3rd Guardian of Elemental Fields