The Hawk Samurai is one of the four classes of Samurai in the game of Wandering Ronin. A Hawk Samurai is awarded the title based upon Leadership skills. A Hawk Samurai is considered one the best at leading the various sizes and types of groups in Wandering Ronin, and should be treated as such.

From the Rulebook:

"The Hawk Samurai is based upon the King of the skies. Fierce, proud, just, un-biased, and powerful, a Hawk is a
leader to be both feared and respected. The Hawk Samurai reminds us that being a leader requires heart and
passion above all else. The Hawk Samurai is revered for his leadership skills, both at the smallest and the largest

Masterhood of 1 Civilian class.
1 from the civilian classes
Masterhood of the following 3 disciplines:


White leather sash with yellow trim.
Acts as Monarch when there is no Monarch present. May act as Judicator if they pass the Judicator test. Gets one extra pick (two first picks) when leading a team during any battlegame/event."

First Hawk Samurai of Wandering RoninEdit

Black Angel

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