Mayhem Black Angel, of Elemental FieldsEdit

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All Hail Slacker Governor Mayhem!!!


Started many years ago with wooden weapons and ten minute breaks to stop bleeding and rejoin fighting. Switched to foam in the 2000's.

Roleplay Bio: Edit

Mayhem and his half brother twin Chaos were sent by Hawke to Recon the RP world. Mostly there to have fun. Will seek and destroy sluffers


Black Angel Mercenary Corps

Hawke Industries

Belted Family:Edit

Notable Accomplishments: Edit

Causing a park to quit after a flame war

Awards and Titles: Edit

1st and 2nd Order of the Smith by Bakore April 2014

1st Order of the Talon by Steward April 2014

2nd Order of the Talon by Bakore October 25, 2014

3rd Order of the Smith by Arturo February 22, 2015

Order of the Utter Bastard

Order of the Lucky Weasel

Order of the Arsonist

Offices Held:Edit

1st Governor of Asgard