A page is a non-combat player on the field of Wandering Ronin who supports a single player. The pages' job is to retrieve spent arrows and thrown weapons, bring water and food to the field, and to carry his masters' gear off the field when the battlegame has concluded (by victory/defeat or final death of his master). A page may NEVER carry a weapon, retrieve any gear other than what is specified above, or help any player but his master. Any page found to be breaking these rules will be removed from the game for the first offense, suspended for the day for the second, suspended for a week the third time, a month the fourth, six months for the fifth, and a permanent ban may be considered for the sixth and any subsequent infractions. A page may also never engage in combat, with the same penalities described for carrying unauthorized gear in effect for this offense as well.

From the Rulebook:


Garb consisting of his master’s device is optional. Non-fighting pages may retrieve spent 

equipment, but may not retrieve or carry new or extra equipment. Must wear a yellow sash.