Ryu Arriagga, of  Elemental Fields


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Ryu was only 1 week old when his father Chen, a samurai, went into battle, only to never return. His mother Kasumi, a kunoichi, raised him alone. Ryu was only 7 when he started training to be a samurai. Before then, beginning at age 3, he was trained to be a ninja. His samurai training ended when he was 15, but during his training, at night, his mother was training him to be a ninja. Sadly, his training ended at age 17, when his mother died. By then, he knew all the secrets of the ninja. So, he vanished, and now roams Japan as an adventurer. This has even led him to have a crush with the Japanese Sun goddess, Amiterassu Omikami. No word has been said about it, though.   


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