There are ten Disciplines in Wandering Ronin. Each represents an area of skill within the realm. Awards and titles are given based upon superior skill in these disciplines, which are judged based upon items and skills displayed at Craft Faires and Trials of Arms.

The Ten DisciplinesEdit

Sage:   Works of writing and learning

Muse:  Works of art or poetry

Smith:  Making of weapons and armor

Stone:  Service

Craftsman:      Pottery or non-combat everyday materials

Tailor:  Garb or cloth items

Talon:  Combat skills

Crown:            Leadership at different levels

Ruse:   Role-playing and acting

Steward:          Running events

Awards based on DisciplinesEdit

Judging is done on a five (5) point scale, with increments of one-quarter (1/4) points. A score of three or better is required to place in contention for any event titles, and a score of four or better is required to be eligible for an award.