In Wandering Ronin. "The Gathering" refers to a meeting that takes place during a regularly scheduled day. This meeting is called to order by the Monarch (or the Officer of the Field should the need arise) and is mostly an informal session to discuss the state of the chapter. However, the meeting is also conviened to handle more serious matters, from discipline to criminal activities. The utmost respect and attention should be paid during The Gathering, for it IS an official function and should you miss out due to poor behavior or lack of attentiveness, you are at fault, and the park is not responsible for what you missed.

From the Rulebook:

1: The Gathering

     A: The Gathering is a chapter-held meeting scheduled to occur twice pemonth during regular 

scheduled dates of play, on a schedule seby the chapter monarch. The meeting may only be a simple 

matter of opening itasking for any business, and then closing it, but imust be scheduled and 

carried out.

     B: Anyone may attend; only attendance-eligible members from that particular chapteare allowed to vote on issues concerning the chapter.

     C: The Gathering is capable of attending to the following matters:

1: Discuss and enact rule clarifications for presentation aThe Pilgrimage.

2: Discuss and vote on cash expenditures of the group treasury.

3: Discuss the future othe chapteand its priorities.

4: The Gathering also allows smaller chapters to discuss and vote upon events of the large

chapters they are an internal part of (i.e.: a fief may discuss and vote upon issues being