The Malkov Family is a group of characters created and roleplayed by one player. Each character is designed to fill a class within Wandering Ronin, to give each class a different feel and story in roleplaying parts of the game.

Malkov Family:Edit

Leom Malkov: Human Barbarian - warrior who lost everything to unknown forces. Wandering the land looking for who destroyed his life. Found by Cameron Silverhawk and was given a sense of purpose. He is grateful for this chance and helps Silverhawk in hopes to give others the same chance he got. Has a honor system based mainly on loyality.

Godric Malkov: Dwarf Cleric - Dwarf mother and human father. From the Norse lands and was chosen by Æsir and Vanir to travel to a far eastern land to spread the knowledge of the Gods. The Gods seen many soldiers die in this land and wished for them to come and prepare for Ragnarok but their lack of faith didn't allow this but with Godric's help he can spread the word and bring these soldiers to their new homes.

Mr. Fizz III: ????? Merchant - Married into the family twice. No one is really sure how he keeps coming back but he is there selling his snake oils and magic gizmos. Selling to anyone and cheating his way to make a quick buck. Why draws him to the battle field, well he always says " A battle is much like a deal but if i don't like the terms I can just determinate it."

Real Name: Jeffrey ThomasEdit

Player Bio: Started at Hawk's Haven since it's creation. Favors the spear as a weapon but will use about anything if it is needed. Enjoys crafting weapons and roleplaying. Enjoys playing out different characters in different roles so decided to create the Malkov family to fill all of the needs of characters he created.

Affiliations: The Guardians: Division Leader

Belted Family: None

Accomplishments: None

Awards and Titles: 1st Level Ruse, 1st Level Sage, 1st Level Smith, 2nd Level Smith, 1st Level Steward

Offices Held: Magistrate of Hawk's Haven - April 2014 - August 2014; Champion of Hawk's Haven - Novermber 2014 -Current