The Tiger Samurai is one of the four classes of Samurai in the game of Wandering Ronin. A Tiger Samurai is awarded the title based upon combat skills. A Tiger Samurai is considered one the best on the field at combat, and should be treated as such.

From the Rulebook:

"The Tiger Samurai is based upon the animal it is named for. Swift, silent, powerful, and precise, a Tiger strikes with the deadliest of intent. A Tiger Samurai is the personification of that animal. The Tiger Samurai is renowned for his skills in battle, both in single combat and on the field in mass battle.

Masterhood of 1 combat class.
Masterhood of the following 3 disciplines:


White leather belt with black trim.
Acts as champion when there is no champion present. May act as Judicator if they pass the Judicator
test. Adds 1 point of armor to any members wearing armor on the team he is leading during a battlegame/event."

First Tiger Samurai of Wandering RoninEdit

Backlash Black Angel

A list of all Tiger Samurai in Wandering RoninEdit

Backlash Black Angel

Cameron Silverhawk